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Night Trail Madres 2018

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Regulation 2018

Any pre-registration must be validated by payment before Thursday, February 15th.
After this date, any pre-registration not validated will be canceled but you will still be able to register the same day with a price increase.


Article 1 – Organization

The « Night Trail Madres » is an organization of Asbl MADRES in collaboration with
the alderman of sports of the city of Mons.

3 distances are proposed: 7 km 200D + / 17km 550D + / 27km 850D +

Approximate distances, they will be corrected and announced upon receipt of all authorizations.

All courses will also be open to walkers. An early departure for the walkers will be put in place. The organizers reserve the right to change the route during the evening, due to dangerous weather conditions causing insecurity for our participants.

Article 2 – Conditions of participation

Trails: open to all from the age of 16 (parental permission required for minors).

parental authorization 2018

Under 16 years of age, parental authorization and accompaniment of a responsible adult person is mandatory. Download the standard authorization to be used in the appendix of this regulation. This will be handed in by the two parties to the organization.

The knowledge and acceptance of these rules are mandatory.

The participant declares to be physically fit to practice the sport.

Article 3 – Registration

Pre-registration until February 15, 2018: (deadline for receipt of payment)

27km: 15 € pre-registration, 20 € the same day.
17km: 10 € pre-registration, 15 € the same day.
7km: 5 €.

Meals: Pork ham with fries or American fries or plate of vegetables or plate: 15 € by reservation only.

If you want to book one or more meals for your friends, family, this must be done before February 15, 2018.

Payment on account 068-2435600-54

Since there is no extra charge for transfers between European countries, we inform our French friends and others that checks are no longer accepted and ask them to use the European transfer via the following bank details:

Bank Belfius Country Mons
Asbl Madres 068-2435600-54
avenue d’hyon, 107 7000 Mons
IBAN BE42 0682 4356 0054

In communication: structured communication received during registration

In case of problem, do not hesitate to contact us.

No registration will be refunded without presentation of a medical certificate after February 14, 2018.

Article 4 – Ranking

No reward on the 7km.
Podium men and women on the 17 and 27km.

Article 5 – Reception and schedule

The welcome for the withdrawal of bibs and registrations of the day will be from 17:30 in the room of the Levant site located rue de Flénu – 7033 Cuesmes (Mons)

Departure walkers from 17:30, until 19:00.
Departure 27km: 18h
Departure 17km: to be defined
Departure 7km: to be defined
Award ceremony: ± 23h-23h30

No time barriers.

Article 6 – Material needed

Headlamp, bib pins, fluorescent vest or any other reflective accessory for your safety, ID card.
A cup !!!

The bib must be pinned on the chest to be visible throughout the race. In the case of group arrival, priority will be given to those who wear it correctly.

Article 7 – Refueling

Single refueling at the 16th km (on the distance of 27km),
Single refueling at the 8th km (on the distance of 17km),
No refueling on the 7km.
Refueling on arrival for all.

Since 2015, there are no more cups at the refueling, so think of taking yours. However, we advise you to provide your « food » race.

Article 8 – Insurance

The organizers are covered by third party liability insurance at Ethias. We disclaim all liability for physical accident and property damage and theft that may occur.

Article 9 – Showers and changing rooms
At your disposal in the room of the Levant site. To confirm !

Article 10 – Age categories

Categories: men and women for each course

Article 11 – Respect for the environment

In respect of the environment, we ask everyone to keep their packaging of energy bars, … to one of the bins provided on arrival or refueling.

Any rider seen throwing rubbish on the course will be disqualified

Article 12 – Respect for the Highway Code

Failure to respect it on one of the portions open to traffic will result in immediate disqualification and this without appeal of the offending rider.

The signalers can be authoritative and decide to disqualify a participant if he does not respect the rules of the road.

Article 13 – Right to the image

Any competitor expressly waives his image rights during the event, as he waives all recourse against the organizer and his authorized partners for the use made of his image.